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No matter how big or small your business is.  Ecommerce websites are meant to sell products online to build business, generate additional revenue, and also to expand your existing retail business online. It is a platform where your clients and customers can deal with you and do business with you easily, no matter how many miles you’re away from them. Right now, everyone has their ecommerce website where they are selling stuff online. And, many are choosing available ecommerce platforms for online selling and buying purposes.

One should know the necessary steps required to make an ecommerce website. This article will help you better understand about various types of ecommerce websites.

Transactional Site

Individuals who shop online are most comfortable with this type of site. This site might be an electronic customer facing facade for a physical retailer, or a showroom for manufacturers that desire to pitch directly to people in general (e.g., Hewlett-Packard). These ecommerce sites offer end-to-end transactions, which enables customers to browse for, order, and give payment for products online. Customers can also contact these sites for after-sales service.

Static Content Site 

This type of site mainly facilitates corporate awareness rather than doing online transactions. Somewhat, it works more like a brochure as it conveys details of product or service information. Also, it explains how to proceed with a purchase. Since this type of site is often static, and doesn’t need software systems for online exchanges. As compare to transactional site, static content site is budget-friendly to design and maintain. Through this site, customers can shop online for the best price. This is because static content site put together all information available for particular product from competing vendors.

Online Marketplace

Marketplaces are on rise globally. These types of sites are hosted ecommerce platforms that functions in a way that brings customers and sellers together to perform online transactions. Without any need to make transactional site, you can do ecommerce business successfully with online marketplaces. Example of few online marketplaces is eBay, etsy, and Amazon. These sites are good place to begin your online venture. Many companies are just going beyond just simply selling products, and are offering additional services to make it more attractive for buyers.


Either you can start your ecommerce business on your own website or you can do business using online marketplaces. Both options would work well, depends on how much skillful you are.