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Ecommerce platforms are defined as a software solution that allows online businesses to sell their products online.

Ecommerce platforms provide multiple benefits. Let’s look at some of the most popular ecommerce platforms to give you an idea of each one’s benefits and features.

While selecting an ecommerce platform for your business, think of how each of their features would fit your needs, and what would work for the kind of business you’re setting up.


Shopify is a very easy to use platform. It has quick set-up, user friendly interface, and great support services. Also, they provide hosting services. Shopify offers their users ability to customize store with free or paid themes available on their platform. Apart from these benefits, there’s minimal technology experience required to set up a fully customizable store with minimal hassle. They do have a recurring fee starting at $29 and transaction fees per sale. Youtuber’s can easily use this platform.


WooCommerce is a free plugin for WordPress blogs. For those of you who don’t know what WordPress is? WordPress is the popular content management system, so your store is, in fact, build on solid base. This ecommerce platform is customizable, has great support, but be sure to have some tech skills as you’ll need to set up your own hosting. With its free of cost services, you don’t need to worry about counting hosting fees. These mentioned features make this platform an ideal choice, if you’re already using WordPress. And, thus allows you to create a fully featured, customizable store.

Square Space

It is widely popular, design-oriented platform, majorly known for its simplistic, minimal and fully responsive website themes. They offer a plethora of marketing tools and resources with 24/7 customer support. With this ideal ecommerce platform, you can make a visually appealing, and a modern looking online store. Moreover, it offers wide range of customizable themes. It has helpful marketing tools and community support. Con of this platform is they charge monthly subscription fees.

Big commerce

BigCommerce enables multi-channel selling. Along with your Big commerce store, you can also sell on other marketplaces and social sites like Facebook or Pinterest. It’s easy to use, it has 24/7 support, and also provides hosting. Thid platform enables you to create a fully featured store and let you sell on other platforms as well. However, it’s got recurring subscription fees.

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